Civil Society Groups Ask the World Bank to Adopt Ambitious and Robust Post-2020 Climate Goals


Around 40 civil society organizations wrote to the World Bank Group President, Jim Kim, demanding that the World Bank Group adopt ambitious and robust post-2020 climate goals. The letter reads:

We are writing regarding the World Bank Group’s plans to announce new post-2020 climate goals at COP24 in Poland in December 2018. As the need for swift climate action becomes increasingly clear in order to avert catastrophic climate change, we call on the World Bank Group to reaffirm its commitment and adherence to the Paris Climate Agreement, with ambitious and robust post-2020 climate goals. This is critical, given that we continue to see the warning signs of climate change flashing red around the globe, with many locations recording new record temperatures and extreme weather events thus far in 2018, and the poorest and most vulnerable continuing to be hit hardest…

Click here to read the letter and full list of signers.